LOL! Students Say They Love Socialism – But Then They Try to Describe It… [VIDEO]

LOL! Students Say They Love Socialism – But Then They Try to Describe It… [VIDEO]

Oh. My. God. You have got to be freaking kidding me. All these snowflake liberal students are totally supportive of socialism… except they have no freaking idea what it really is. Time for a definition: It’s a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. It’s any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. That means NO private property. It is a precept of Marxism… it is communism-lite, followed eventually by full-blown communism. Now that we are clear on that issue, let’s discuss this piece of idiocy.

Socialist Bernie Sanders is seen by many millennial college students as cool, which makes socialism cool. It’s collective thought without any basis. They don’t get that what someone like Bernie is selling is utter control by the government and the stripping of all individual rights. You can see this in the video below. Campus Reform headed to Washington, DC to ask students “Do you like socialism?” and “What is socialism?” These college students who are supposed to be our future absolutely adored the idea of socialism. But when asked what it was, NONE OF THEM could define it or had a clue what it really was.

From Campus Reform:

Ask most college students, and they’ll tell you that socialism is a wonderful thing. Just don’t ask them to define it, because you’ll get the same answer.

Last year, a poll was released showing 53 percent of Americans under age 35 are dissatisfied with our nation’s current economic system and think socialism would be good for the country.

The same poll found that 45 percent of young Americans would be willing to support an openly socialist Presidential candidate.

The findings of this poll coincide with the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed “Democratic Socialist” from Vermont who received millions of votes in the 2016 Democratic Primary, many of them from millennials.

While it’s clear that young people increasingly view socialism in a positive light, it’s also clear that many of them are uneducated about what it entails, or the impact it’s had throughout history.

Barack Obama pushed socialist collectivism. He desperately wanted to remake this country into a socialist utopia. That always leaves a few with the wealth and all they want, while the masses live in equivalent squalor and want. In the end, millions have died from socialism and communism. But these young mush-heads don’t even know that and they don’t realize what they are supporting. They don’t get that the socialist they push into the White House would morph into a dictator given even half a chance and the American Dream would be dead and gone… and so would their freedoms.

This is near and dear to my heart as I have researched Marxists, socialists and communists for well over a decade now. I know the brutality involved and how it always invariably ends. It won’t be different this time… it stills ends in poverty, starvation and death. Yes, even in America. And this is not new. When I was in college in the 80s this was being taught. Universities have become communist indoctrination centers for young Americans. It’s yet another reason to not send your kids to these colleges. There’s got to be a better, more American way than this. All of these airheads should go down to Venezuela with a stop over in Cuba and see the real results of socialism. It would be enlightening.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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