Mother sues son & school after he received transgender treatments WITHOUT Permission!

Mother sues son & school after he received transgender treatments WITHOUT Permission!

In Minnesota, a mother has filed a complaint against her 17 year-old son and his school and healthcare providers for giving the boy gender-switching drugs without her permission. They treated him as an emancipated minor even though he was never legally declared as such. They simply went against the mother’s wishes and treated him as an adult. As such, he is being charged along with his enablers. The only thing that gives me pause here is that the transgender teen ran away from home two years ago at the age of 15. The teen’s mom, Anmarie Calgaro, never reported her child as missing.

Just what kind of school does this kind of thing? I hope she sues them into oblivion over it. But knowing the Progressive courts and judges in Minnesota, they’ll probably get away with it. That legal aid clinic should be barred from practicing law. What they did was highly unethical to say the least. According to NBC News (who is probably skewing the hell out of this), Minnesota doesn’t have a legal process for the emancipation of a child, but considers a minor who no longer lives with their parents and manages personal finances of any amount an adult. In accordance with Minnesota laws, emancipated minors have the right to access medical care and have non-emergency procedures done without the consent of their parents. But that is just wrong. Instead of fixing the emancipation law, they are skipping it altogether.


From The Daily Caller:

A Minnesota mother filed a complaint against her son and his school and healthcare providers, alleging they usurped her parental rights by providing him with transgender healthcare without her permission.

Anmarie Calgaro, the mother of 17-year-old J.D.K, claimed medical providers and the school district treated her son as an emancipated minor and denied her access to her son’s medical and education records.

The Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Clinic allegedly counseled J.D.K in June 2015 and said he was emancipated; no legal action occurred to make it official. J.D.K, acting as an emancipated minor, received transgender healthcare and prescriptive drugs without his mother’s involvement, according to the lawsuit.

Park Nicollet Minneapolis Gender Services Clinic and Fairview Health Services allegedly gave J.D.K medical services and various narcotics to help him transition from male to female. Both healthcare providers treated J.D.K. as an emancipated minor and did not ask Calgaro for consent before treating him, the lawsuit alleges.

“This is an outrageous abuse of power by multiple agencies. To treat a minor child without either parental consent or a court order of emancipation is a violation of the trust placed upon the human service sector and its governmental oversight agencies,” said Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, in a press release. I could not agree more. They are trying to set precedent here and it better not stand. It is a severe breach of constitutional rights for this parent. An emancipation statement was filed in the Stearns County District Court in 2015, but it appears the mother was never notified of it. It was also never ruled on as far as I can tell.

The St. Louis County School District has also prevented Calgaro from seeing J.D.K’s educational records or participating in his education. They basically stole her son from her and forcefully took over parental decisions. Calgaro alleges her right to due process under the 14th Amendment was violated because Minnesota law does not provide a way for her to challenge J.D.K’s emancipation. I hope the Thomas More Society and Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, P.A. take this all the way up the food chain on this one.

“The courts do not recognize a corresponding common law right for a parent to petition to de-emancipate a teenager. Thus, Minnesota statutes constitutionally err by allowing a medical service provider to treat a teenager as emancipated without a court order and without providing parents a post-deprivation process to challenge the medical service provider’s determination of emancipation,” Erick Kaardal, a special counsel for the Thomas Moore Society, said in a press release. This is not being covered in the media and is a vital case regarding parental rights. This simply cannot be allowed to stand.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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