NEW LOW! Teacher Gets On Social Media – Prays Only “Trumptards” Died In Vegas Shooting

NEW LOW! Teacher Gets On Social Media – Prays Only “Trumptards” Died In Vegas Shooting

Another sterling example of what a teacher should not be… a dirt bag, radical, political activist full of hate. 59 innocent people got mowed down in Las Vegas and 527 were injured, and the leftists just line up with their hate. So much for love and diversity, which was a pretense anyway. A teacher named Ann took to Twitter to spread the hate and possibly infect her students with it. She didn’t pray for the fallen or for the families of those who were taken too soon or injured in the tragedy… oh no, not Ann. Her only prayer was that only ‘Trumptards’ died in the mass shooting. “Lots of white (President) Trump supporters in Las Vegas at Route 21 watching Jason Aldean. Pray only trumptards died. #PrayForVegas,” she wrote on her Twitter page @TheResistAnnce. How thoughtful… not.

She was unfortunately far from alone. There’s an awful lot of hate out there these days. When I say the overwhelming majority of hate comes from the left, this is a perfect example of just that. Her Twitter account was suddenly pulled, but before it was, her Twitter biography proclaimed this: “Teacher, mother, sister, woman. Orange cheeto needs to go.” And she looked almost human. Go figure. You could almost believe it was a hoax as the account pictured two sweet-looking grandmotherly types and a baby. But evil comes in many packages of all types.

Others ran uber hateful tweets and then deleted their accounts as well. Sounds like trolls… wonder if they are Russian? Just asking. Some of these could well be hoaxes. One of those deleted accounts belonged to @voice_BB_fan: “It’s country music so they must be (President) Trump supporters it’s karma for Puerto Rico,” they wrote. And of course there is the very real attorney that was at CBS who has “no sympathy” for the dozens of dead victims because, as country music fans, they are probably supporters of the President. At least CBS fired her.

Many more lined up to spew hate at conservatives and the President after the worst mass shooting in history. It’s evil and depraved. I assure you there are a ton of very real hateful people out there that feel just this way. They are unhinged and dangerous. You know, I detested Barack Obama and everyone around him, but it would never have ever crossed my mind to wish death and mayhem on him. That takes a special kind of soulless creature to do that.

At a time when we all should be pulling together to help those touched by this awful tragedy, we are instead fighting off the vicious jackals on the left. Is it any wonder people are out committing atrocities like this? In the end, I would wager this guy was an unstable leftist, but who knows? Regardless of who he was, his victims deserve compassion and help now when they need it most. Not political agendas, blowhard celebrities and hate. Shame on all these people.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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