After More ‘Offensive’ Chalkings Appear, Crybaby College Kids Use YOUR Tax Dollars To Do THIS

After More ‘Offensive’ Chalkings Appear, Crybaby College Kids Use YOUR Tax Dollars To Do THIS

Give me a freaking break! I don’t support Donald Trump, but how in the hell is scribbling his name in chalk on a university campus considered as “discriminatory” and “hostile?” That’s just ridiculous beyond belief. What a bunch of spoiled, crybabies. Now the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has formed a Hate Response Team. We are soooo doomed when liberal Marxists pull this kind of crap. Other than Trump’s moniker, what was so terrifying? Why, they chalked out “All Lives Matter,” “Build the Wall” and “Stop Illegal Immigration.” The horror! The Hate Response Team is composed of no fewer than 8 taxpayer-funded school officials. There’s Nizam Arain, who specializes in affirmative action; Stephanie Brown, a counselor; “Campus Climate” employees Abbi Clauss and Amanda Goodenough; Patrick Heise, who works in the residence life; Barbara Stewart, whose area of expertise is “Diversity & Inclusion”; Will Van Roosenbeek of the “Pride Center”; and Antoiwana Williams of “Multicultural Student Services.” Every one of those jobs could be cut saving the school money and the world whining.


From The Daily Caller:

The taxpayer-funded Hate Response Team at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse has strongly criticized a recent campus smattering of sidewalk chalk in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling the chalk messages “discriminatory” and “hostile.”

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The messages written in chalk included “All Lives Matter,” “Build the Wall,” “Stop Illegal Immigration,” according to a Facebook post from the UW-La Crosse Hate Response Team.

It’s not clear when the chalk messages appeared on the public school campus.

The April 18 Facebook page from “UW-La Crosse Campus Climate (official)” no longer appears to be an existing post on the UW-La Crosse Facebook page.

However, the post could be found by searching the text on Facebook as of early Friday morning.

“The Hate Response Team is aware of several chalkings across campus that promote Trump 2016, including messages like ‘Build the Wall,’ ‘All Lives Matter,’ and ‘Stop Illegal Immigration,’” the post reads. “While we respect peoples’ right to express their opinions, we also recognize that some communities on campus experience these messages as discriminatory or hostile. All manifestations of prejudice and intolerance are contradictory to our mission as a university. If you experience any bigotry on or off campus, please turn to trusted friends and/or campus resources for support,” the Hate Response Team urges. Excuse me while I hurl. What a bunch of pansies… if this is the future of America, we better just pack it in and call it a day. Of course, Trumpsters had a field day with the proposed censorship, just as they should. No one is scrawling the Hildabeast’s name anywhere and throngs of conservatives are not rolling over and wetting themselves at the mere mention of her name. But Trump, man these people act like he’s some kind of demon. Scratch that… they’d welcome a demon in their diversity. These people are unhinged and need to get a life. Go to the Middle East… I’ll show you real hate to fear.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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