IT’S OFFICIAL Segregation Is Back – American Universities Implement “NO WHITES ALLOWED” Safe Places

IT’S OFFICIAL Segregation Is Back – American Universities Implement “NO WHITES ALLOWED” Safe Places

Exactly when did this level of “stupid” take over the minds of our young adults and the leaders in their universities? Right now every civil rights activist hero…and I’m talking the REAL ones that fought a real battle and earned their stripes through real sacrifice in a real cause for change that was necessary, are rolling in their graves right now.

They are watching as all their sacrifice goes to the crapper and why? That question can be answered in many ways…. Obama, tolerance, Beyonce, BlackLivesMatter, feminism, also did I mention Obama and Obama and Obama?

Anyhow, after black student activists issued this demand list to the American University in their response to a racist-banana incident two weeks ago, it came as a shock to many when the administration to this university agreed to ALL three demands. One of these demands that to most would seem RIDICULOUS was a ban on white people, using the new “student lounge” for the rest of the spring semester.

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This ‘new’ cafe opened just six weeks ago and it was intended as “a community space that student organizations can use however they would like” this could include different things like slam poetry nights and other student initiated programming. There was nothing said in its initial introduction about it NOT allowing whites to enter it’s facility. Yet…here we are, with that EXACT rule in place now.

The student activists involved with this sort of reverse segregation said they would take over this space as their own little “sanctuary” because they didn’t feel safe and a safe space was owed to them.

“This is just the minimum,” Bass told protesters in regards to their demands. He encouraged them that more can be done in terms of the issue of race on campus. “These are reasonable demands. We are interested in building the kind of community which will we are all proud of.”

This isn’t even the worst of it…there is more. Here are the specific demands that were made:

For the remaining of the semester, the cafe would become sanctuary for people of color. ONLY.

ALL POC students get extensions and will not be penalized for already scheduled finals after the incident. So basically, because they are black they deserve extensions on their finals.

These APPROVED demands were acknowledged by more than 100 faculty members who all agreed to sign a “solidarity statement” in support of meeting these demands. Including Celine-Marie Pascale, who is associate dean of the undergraduate studies.

It was reported:

The signatories are “appalled by the racist, white supremacist hate crime” of hanging bananas around campus, and they are committed to “continuing to engage the systemic roots and current effects of racism on campus.”
They said the administration’s embrace of the three demands is “only a small step” toward prioritizing “Black students and other students of color.”

The signatories want the administration “to address their academic needs, their safety, and their overall well being” and prosecute the “perpetrator(s) of this crime to the fullest extent allowed by law” and expel any students who participated. (Only one person is visible on AU’s video surveillance of the banana hangings.)

They asked incoming President Sylvia Burwell, the former secretary of health and human services, to show how she will enforce “no tolerance for anyone creating a hostile environment for students of color” and punish such people.

There is no making sense of any of this. But as we all know… “stupid” has never promoted logic.

Of course in all this, no one has even thought to ask the white students how they feel about being denied access to areas of the university that they are paying for, or accountable to complete their testing in a timely manner with no exceptions while students of color get to blame them for not being able take their tests on time…because they are so scared and need to hide out in their ‘safe spaces’.

But then again, isn’t is painfully apparent, that the feelings of white students don’t matter…all because, the twisted definition of equality that has come to pass under the direction of our former lead from behind president, Barack Obama?

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