Poem That Says God Is A “LIE” Assigned To Middle Schoolers – Parents OUTRAGED [VIDEO]

Poem That Says God Is A “LIE” Assigned To Middle Schoolers – Parents OUTRAGED [VIDEO]

Having a political and social agenda is no new concept to public schools. They get away with their progressive, Marxist idealism all the time throughout the country. But did one school take it too far now? Was their anti-God agenda just way too blatant for parents of students to ignore? The culprit of this week’s public education debacle is a poem.

This poem was titled “Unicorn” and the opening of Unicorn just might make you just as upset as these parents were: “God is like a mythical creature / A unicorn with silver blood / If you drink the blood you will live forever / It makes a good story in a book like Harry Potter …”

“Unicorn” then takes it even further by declaring that God “is revealed in all his foolishness / a naked lie / a childish dream / a mythical creature like the unicorn.”

Look, this poem is by no means going to win any literary awards, but the issue that many parents have taken with it is that it was handed out to their middle school children in Georgia. I agree that all speech is protected and being offended in school is a good way to stretch and form an argument to counter ideas – but where is Islam, or any other religion that isn’t Christianity or Judaism, being taken in the same context?

Nowhere, that’s where.

The teachers at this school tried to claim that this particular poem was being used as a teaching tool to relate how a unicorn can be represented as a safe and happy place in Greek mythology…what the?

Here’s what many, including me, don’t understand about this “Unicorn” poem and its use in the school. How is it basically throughout the whole thing, taking swings as the existence of God? What does that have to do with safe and happy Greek mythology? My guess is nothing, so now school officials are apologizing for their screw up.

Principal Shannon Hulsey actually took the high road and respectfully apologized without using ridiculous rhetoric that school administrators commonly use for half-assed apologies. “We just admitted this was a mistake. In no way whatsoever would we want to defame God or go anywhere in that direction here at the school.”

Hulsey then tried to explain that a language arts teacher who is a 20-year employee with the school had actually pulled that particular poem out of a stack of poems she had collected over the years and it was just by luck of the draw. “We’re not exactly sure where it came from [or] who even put it in the pile of materials.”

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