Privileged Grad Student Tears Trump Supporters US Flag Down…All While Screaming “Fascism” [VIDEO]

President Trump held a rally this past Wednesday, March 15, in Michigan. And apparently, a University of Michigan graduate student felt it was her job to bring the Ides of March with her by attacking the property of a Trump supporter at the rally.

Lena Amick, 26, tore an American flag bunting off the trailer of Rob Cortis of Livonia. Mr. Cortis took exception to her rude and destructive act and the police got involved. “Why should she rip down my American flag and destroy it? What good does that do anybody?” asked Cortis.

Ms. Amick was put into a police car and then protesters surrounded the vehicle chanting “Let Lena go!” until SWAT intervened to stop them from impeding the police car. She was not arrested, but police have said they intend to submit charges to the county for review.

As for Ms. Amick, although she acknowledges she broke the law, she also appears to excuse herself because…fascism. Well Ms. Amick, fascism rips down other people’s flags and property. Fascism decides it doesn’t like you expressing yourself and puts a stop to it. So, the next time you are having a “stop fascism” moment, take a look in the mirror and tell HER to stop. You were detained, not because fascism, but because…law breaking. Time to grow up and understand that the First Amendment applies to everyone.

See video below.

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