School Suspends Student Attacked For Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat On Bus

School Suspends Student Attacked For Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat On Bus

A 12 year-old boy in Missouri was the victim of an attack by his peers on a school bus. The reason? He was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. If that wasn’t enough to really make your blood boil, the school took the outrage a step further and suspended him from school.

For being a victim. Ain’t that some backwards logic?


A cellphone video of the fight shows Gavin Cortina of St. Louis being intimidated physically and verbally by his peers for expressing his political views on a hat this last Wednesday.

During the video, a student can be heard screaming at the victim:

“You want to build a wall? You want to build a f—king wall?”

Things intensified rapidly after that, according to Gavin. He spoke to reporters about the incident: “At one point, he just got so frustrated he pushed me, and then he kept hitting me and backing me up by the window of the bus, and so I just had to push him out.”


Even though Gavin did not initiate any violence of even try to fight back, he still got the short end of the stick as the Parkway School District suspended him. His mother, Christina, is incensed over the school’s treatment of her son and is concerned about what will happen if he wears the hat again.

“As a parent it’s so unsettling. I feel like my son was made an example of, it was a tricky situation—it was politically charged.”

A representative for the Parkway School District said they investigated the attack and that all students participating have faced “consequences” with at least another student being suspended as well.

The district sent out notices to parents with ideas on how to talk about the election outcome with their children after Trump’s successful bid in November.

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