SICK: Mizzou Now Trying To SHAME Their White Students! [VIDEO]

SICK: Mizzou Now Trying To SHAME Their White Students! [VIDEO]

Even with tons of students leaving the University of Missouri and after taking a massive financial hit, these liberal morons are doubling down on the race issue there. They have formed a Race Relations Committee and have made five videos to ‘educate’ white people on racism. No thanks. They are geared towards the faculty there, but they’d love to see this inflicted on the community as well. These idiots think the problem with white people is that we just don’t know racism when we see it. Really? So we’re too dumb to get it and only people of color can tell when they are being persecuted. Who knew? I am so sick of this crap. The committee of twelve, which consists of nine faculty, one staff member, and two students have been meeting since May of 2015 to discuss issues of race relations on the Mizzou campus. Among these twelve is Jonathan Butler, the student who brought national media attention to Mizzou when he began a hunger strike in an effort to get former UM System President Tim Wolfe to resign. All are radicals, racists and Marxists. I predict another drop in attendance and a further plummet in funds.


From Campus Reform:

The University of Missouri’s Race Relations Committee has released a video series to educate white people about racism.

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According to the Maneater, Mizzou’s student newspaper, the University’s Faculty Council Committee on Race Relations has released videos with members discussing what they have learned about diversity and racial issues.

Craig Roberts, a committee member and plant sciences professor, says that while the videos will be directed at white faculty, the message should be applied to the white community as a whole.

Roberts also stated that because white people don’t suffer from “constant, subtle racism due to their skin color,” they have a hard time “detecting racism.”

Additionally, Roberts alleges that white professors “have a poor understanding of racism,” and tend to view racism in the terms of lynching and other physically violent acts.

The purpose of the committee, as stated on its website, is to be a force for ongoing change. To that end, the committee aims to help make Mizzou a “safe and welcome place for everyone” as well as “make Mizzou a local, regional, national and global leader in race relations in terms of teaching, service, research and economic development.” In one video, Roberts whines that since Mizzou’s two thousand full-time faculty members are three-quarters white, the problem isn’t just racism on campus, but “a way of life problem” for faculty. What he really means is they should get rid of so many whites teaching and replace them with people of color. These over-educated bigots are claiming the campus is wildly racist and intolerant. That it is worse than the streets of Chicago. Mike Middleton, the man who replaced Tim Wolfe as the UM System President, alleges that the climate at Mizzou is not unlike what he experienced back in the 1960’s, where “white supremacy that has permeated our culture” elicits a visceral reaction which “they call black rage.” Stick a fork in it… Mizzou is done.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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