Top Australian Law School Teaches Sharia Law ‘Benefits’

Top Australian Law School Teaches Sharia Law ‘Benefits’

Australia’s most esteemed law school accommodates two courses which call for parts of Sharia law to be merged in the mainstream legal system — including leeway for polygamy and lowering the age of consent to end resistance to child marriage.

The courses also rebuke judges who criticize Muslim values during sentencing.

Sydney University’s Muslim Minorities And The Law course uses a textbook which advances the concept that “Sharia and common law are not inherently incompatible.” These courses are taught by Professors Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem.

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According to the book:

“They are both ‘law’ in the sense they represent and communicate a set of ‘norms’ that operate at both individual and a community level.” A part of the textbook tries to push the benefits of ending monogamous relationships and also reminds its leaders how Sharia law does not care for any minimum age in marriage.

In one part, the book reads:

“There is no minimum age for a contract of marriage, but it should not be consummated if that would cause harm to the putative spouse. Whilst some have argued that there may be reasons for changing marriage laws to include polygamous marriages…there have not been any proposals for any legislative amendment proposed by the Muslim communities in our Common Law jurisdictions.”

This is far from the first time Sharia law has become the focal point of argument in a Western country. As Breitbart News reported, Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, has openly called out Sharia law as “the most brutal and extreme system of governance ideology on the face of the Earth. It is misogynistic. It is anti-Semitic. It is anti-infidel. It is anti-gay. It is anti-free speech.”

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