UC Santa Cruz Gives In To Black Student Alliance Racial Demands During Sit-In… [VIDEO]

UC Santa Cruz Gives In To Black Student Alliance Racial Demands During Sit-In… [VIDEO]

The snowflake brats at the University of California at Santa Cruz were victories in intimidating the college’s officials into giving in to all of their demands after they decided to take over one of the buildings in a three-day-long sit-in.

According to news reports, a group of lefty, privileged students belonging to the college’s African/Black Student Alliance walked into Kerr Hall, an administrative building, locked up every door, then proceeded to cover all the windows with posters. The Marxist radicals in training had four demands and they weren’t going to leave until they got them.

“If the university fails us, there will be no business as usual,” said the bunch to the school newspaper.

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The first demand from the group was four years of student housing for “all students from underrepresented communities” who officially applied to live in on-campus housing at the school’s Rosa Parks House. They also demanded that the university pay for the creation of a lounge space in the Rosa Parks House and also they were to paint the building “the colors of Pan-African liberation.” The final demand was the university mandate that all new students take an “educational diversity orientation” class.

So, on Friday, UC Santa Cruz announced that they would use the taxpayer money they receive to give in to these worthless snowflake’s demands.

The only television interview the group agreed to take part in was with Tucker Carlson. It was during an interview With Carlson that one of the leaders said, “Having that red, black and green house in the middle of Stevenson College, which is a predominantly white-serving college, is a matter of symbolism and visibility.”


The African/Black Student Alliance has said that they exist as “a place and space for Afrikan/Black/Caribbean students to learn together, to teach together, to offer support for the various racialized macro-and-microaggressions, and also to challenge each other around some harmful ideologies we may hold toward practicing a fuller love for ALL Black people.”

In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 10, “People are what they are and probably are not going to change much once they reach adulthood.”

Congrats, UCSC. Your little communists have turned their backs on you. These kids are now going to be these radicals for the rest of their lives, unless a miracle happens. Get ready for self-imposed segregation.

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