University segregates black student dorms for diversity

University segregates black student dorms for diversity

Liberals would have you believe that President Trump wants to take America back to the 1940’s, when blacks were discriminated against and women were little more than glorified maids. They claim that this is one of the worst things that could ever happen to America.

Of course, at the same time they’re saying this, they’re also encouraging black students to segregate themselves from whites. Because… diversity.

There was a time in America where the idea of segregation was abhorrent to people of every race, but now it’s being encouraged by “progressives” who don’t understand the irony of the situation.

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The University of Colorado at Boulder has announced that they plan to transform one of its dorms into a “Social Justice Living Environment” this fall. I know, gag.

A press release states that there will be three separate living quarters in the hall, one for “LGBTQIA-identified students and their allies,” another for “students passionate about diversity” and the last one for “black-identified students and their allies.”

While the hall already hosts “Spectrum LLC” – a group for LGBT students – they will be joined by “Multicultural Perspectives LLC, which will raise opportunities to discuss and act upon social justice topics.

The three sections of the dorm will have “peer mentors” who will provide support for individual students and will coordinate with relevant school departments.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the incoming students, hearing their stories and learning about their passion for social justice,” one peer mentor, Valerie Gao, explained in the press release, noting that she believes “everybody has a unique role in the movement for social equity.”

So we’re going to encourage diversity by actively segregating students into their own special groups?

I have been working under the impression that colleges were supposed to get people ready for the real world. Last time I checked, America doesn’t have special snowflake sections for people who need to be constantly assured of their place in the world.

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