UPDATE: Students Who Were ARRESTED For Handing Out Constitution, FIGHT BACK!

by Alexandria Willis | January 19, 2017 4:04 pm


Remember how the Nation’s Constitution was written under the rule of the Articles of Confederation? And it was completely against the law? But that document would ensure the rights of Americans everywhere. Well, apparently distributing that document is no longer acceptable.

Campus Reform reported:

As detailed in video footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, a KCC student and two fellow conservative activists spent two to three hours handing out Constitutions and recruiting for a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter on campus in September before they were accosted by administrators and ultimately arrested for trespassing.

The three activists in the video are Nathan Berning, a Stanford student and employee of the Leadership Institute; Isaac Edikauskas, vice president of Michigan State YAL; and Shelly Gregoire, president of Kellogg YAL.

They were first stopped by Drew Hutchinson, the manager of Student Life at KCC, who told them they couldn’t approach students outside or engage them in conversation because it could “obstruct the student’s ability to get an education.”

This is truly outrageous. This is the most important document of our nation. It keeps us safe, ensures our rights and outlines our government.

But these students aren’t allowed to distribute it. Check out here[2] for more on the case.


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