Watters Faces Off With Professor Who Bashed Trump And White People [VIDEO]

Watters Faces Off With Professor Who Bashed Trump And White People [VIDEO]

This nation’s ivory towers are filled with self righteous smug radical Leftists masquerading as college professors. And the ivory towers of St. Joseph University are no different. They house a particularly racist professor who also doubles as the school communications chair. Often these radical professors think they can make their offensive statements with impunity, that their insular world of academia will protect them from having to answer for their reprehensible statements. Which is why Professor David Parry was likely surprised when Fox News’ Jesse Watters brought his iconic man-on-the-street microphone to campus to talk to him about his racist views.

You can hear the full audio of Professor Parry’s racist whining on this audio clip (though his surname is misspelled on the title page as “Perry”:

Yes, this guy is teaching young people… encouraging them to be victims, demonstrating racism toward white people and pathetically and dramatically claiming that “people are going to die” because Trump was elected.

Watters’ interview of several students got some negative reactions to Parry.

“I think it’s pretty stupid and it doesn’t make much sense,” said one student.

Another advised: “I just like think that that is not appropriate.”

And another student, who has Parry as her academic adviser, had no words.

And one student observed: “No longer is there real education taking place, the teachers are using their students and their lessons as a means to forward their political agenda.”

For the frightened Professor Parry’s reaction to Watters, watch the video below:

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