5,000 March Against Canadian Prime Minister, And SIDE With Trump

by McIntosh | June 4, 2017 4:12 am

Big news as a giant group of 5,000 Canadian citizens marched on to Canada’s capital on Saturday to show support for President Donald Trump’s conservative agenda…and also to sort of spit in the face[1] of their own lefty Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

The marchers collected together to protest the country’s insane tax rate, its relentless onset on free speech and of course, a socialist’s dream – overspending.


Mike Waine is the event organizer and has aptly named the protest, the “Million Deplorable March,” linking the name to Hillary Clinton’s remark she made up for Donald Trump’s supporters. Waine claims that he is just annoyed with PM Trudeau and how he’s the golden child of the media, who give him a free pass.

Waine said:

“Nothing was being done about this corrupt government… Trudeau stepped out-of-bounds with waving the pot leaf in front of the nose of the tokers and his nice friendly-looking smile won him the housewives. So now we’re in a situation where we have a complete moron at the helm and he’s spending more than we can afford. He’s destroying our country with carbon taxes, he’s destroying small business.”

Waine approved of President Trump for taking the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord and shot out at the Canadian media for refusing to do their job and report accurately just how poor Trudeau’s liberal policies are working.

Other marchers were complaining about the imminent passage of M-103, a new law that would make unfavorable speech of Islam, an actual criminal offense. The insanity is unreal!

M-103 gives the government permission to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” It would charge people and pass criminal sentences on those who picked apart Islam.

Canada’s Conservative Party by and large stands against M-103. Maxime Bernier, a conservative with libertarian free market leanings, lately said he voted against the bill, tweeting: “Free speech is the most fundamental right we have. I am opposed to #m103. Canadians should be treated equally regardless of religion.”

But the pathetic, self-proclaimed “feminist” Prime Minister hit back at the opposition of the speech code-style bill:

“Diversity is a source of strength, not just a source of weakness, and as I look at this beautiful room — sisters upstairs — everyone here, (I see) the diversity we have just within this mosque, within the Islamic community, within the Muslim community in Canada.”

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