CHILLING: Here’s What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Canada Opened Its Doors to Refugees

CHILLING: Here’s What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Canada Opened Its Doors to Refugees

Oh Canada..Oh Canada…

‘It started with a trickle and has now increased to a flood stage,’ resident Brenda Piett said. ‘Some people are scared, nervous. Locking their doors. This town most people never locked their doors. But recently they are.’

I hate to say it…but, we told you so.

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Ms. Piett is a resident of Canada and lives in a small town in Quebec. It is located right along the USA/Canadian border. It just so happens to be right along the New York border and similar reports are coming in on the DAILY from other nearby towns across the following states as well:

North Dakota

There are others as well…across the norther border states.

The question is, what’s causing the residents of these small towns to begin locking their doors? Yes, that’s what’s happening. They are looking over their shoulders for flows of illegal immigrants and refugees leaving the United States.

They are crossing because there is a new President in town…and he abides the law.

It appears that President Trump is actually scaring people into going to Canada. Well, that’s what people are saying. I like to say he is making people honest. Under Obama, illegals were walking the streets with signs that this is their America and they are unafraid. Well, they should be afraid because they are ILLEGAL…meaning breaking the law….that makes them a criminal. They didn’t think about that while yelling on America’s streets that this is their country…they definitely do now if they are running.

See…making people honest.

Trump is enforcing the law and they know it.

The article goes on:

“…[S]ince President Trump took office, and started cracking down on immigration, fearful refugees and asylum seekers have started illegally crossing into Canada in hopes of trading their American dreams for maple leaves.”

“The reason these wanna-be Canadians are crossing into the country illegally is because Canada is part of an agreement that bars refugees that have already arrived in another ‘safe’ country from trying to trade up to another country.”

People are waking up to a very fundamental truth…that was twisted up until is was buried under Obama’s America.

No one has any right to enter America, legally or illegally. This is a sovereign nation, we have the right and a duty to protect our borders and to keep a close eye on our immigration process. Period.

After witnessing the effects that unchecked refugee migration has had on Europe…don’t you think it’s about time we start acting like the leaders we are meant to be as a nation?

This is America, it’s time to make her great again. If we are strong, that sets the stage for the world.

Do you disagree?

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