Private Clinics Are A Threat To Canada’s Socialist Health Care System Or Something

Private Clinics Are A Threat To Canada’s Socialist Health Care System Or Something

There’s a movement going on in Canada, one which has seen a large expansion of private facilities where people can, get this, go in an pay with their own money to get treatment quickly. And the Fascists/Socialists who love the government to be in control are not happy

Canada’s health system serves as model for Sanders – but faces troubles of its own
Experts warn of ‘major threat’ of privatisation and point to concerns over gaps in coverage, even as Canadians are widely proud of their healthcare system

Bernie Sanders will arrive in Toronto this weekend for a crash course in an unrivalled point of pride for most Canadians: the country’s healthcare system.

The visit – which will include roundtable discussions, facility tours and meetings with patients – is aimed at better understanding how Canada provides universal healthcare that yields a longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality rate than the US while spending about half as much per capita.

What Sanders learns will probably inform his push to provide publicly funded healthcare for every American, forming the backbone of a movement that has repeatedly cited Canada as an example to be followed. But as Sanders heralds Canada as a place where health care needs consistently trump the ability to pay, some are sounding the alarm about the inequalities that plague the Canadian system.

Some of these are blatant, thanks to the stream of for-profit medical clinics that have set up shop north of the border in recent decades.

“I think privatisation is a major threat to public health care in Canada,” said Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition.

A “major threat!” Why? Because they can set up and take care of people who would rather pay for services now then waiting a long time to get taken care of in the Canadian system. And perhaps get things taken care of in a manner than the Government system won’t take care of. For all the rah rah from Progressives about how great the Canadian system is, lots of people actually come across the border to the U.S. for care. Remember when a baby was brought because there were no beds available?

Earlier this year, her organisation released a report documenting 136 private clinics across the country and highlighted that 71 of these were selling faster access to services covered by the country’s health care system. What’s more, the report suggested that many of the clinics were charging patients while also billing the public health care system – a practice that runs contrary to Canadian law.

While there is certainly a problem with the double billing (possibly, depends on Canadian law), note that the report says they were selling faster access. When you need medical care, do you want it now, or want to wait?

The report was careful not to overstate the role of these clinics, noting that the vast majority of hospital and physician services in Canada continue to be provided within the publicly funded system. “But the threat is real,” it continued. “In the majority of provinces, private clinics have set up shop and are charging user fees to patients.”

The threat is that people will notice that private organizations can take care of people faster than the Government run system, which takes power out of the hands of government, and, by extension, the special interests who are supported by government.

Obviously, some want Something to be done. Which is pretty much that these private clinics be banned.

Meanwhile, the article delves into the notion that the Canadian system avoids coverage of dental and eye care, as well as things like “pharmacare” and psychological disorders.

BTW, why is Sanders taking a fossil fueled trip? This is the same guy who wanted to “bring climate deniers to justice.” If he’s using vast amounts of fossil fuels, doesn’t that make him a “denier”?

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