De Blasio Denounces Freedom, Praises “Heavy Hand of Government”

It was a short step from leaders who pay only the most obviously insincere lip service to economic freedom to rulers who don’t even pretend not to be authoritarian collectivists in the mold of Stalin and Castro. New York City has already taken it by electing Bill de Blasio:

“Everything you heard about me is true… I am not a free-marketeer… I believe in the heavy hand of government,” de Blasio stated matter-of-factly during an hour-long presentation to some of the city’s biggest real-estate developers.

This denunciation of the American in favor of the Soviet way should come as no surprise.

This is a guy who honeymooned in Cuba, gave aid and comfort to the communist Sandinista rebels and never apologized for his radical past. In fact, he’s built upon it, advocating a distinctly far-left agenda – further left, in fact, than any mayor since David Dinkins.

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Having lived in NYC under Dinkins, I can see where this is heading. There will be a mass exodus of employers attempting to escape skyrocketing taxation and punitive regulation.

This is good news for Texas and other parts of the country that still resemble America — until New York inevitably collapses and the rest of us are forced to bail it out.

Conquering America on behalf of communism from within.

On a tip from G Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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