Liberal Propaganda: Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ is Rumored to Feature This for the First Time [VIDEO]

by Warner Todd Huston | May 29, 2016 4:03 pm

Do we have to force prurient sexual situations into every piece of entertainment, now? Do we have to literally bend over for the gay lobby with everything in Hollyweird? If a report about the likelihood of a lesbian couple appearing in the newest Pixar kid’s cartoon, “Finding Dory,” is any indication, I guess we have to gay-up everything… even cartoon movies that are ostensibly made for kids.

Here is a still shot of the scene in question:

A left-wing Twitter user named Matthew Gottula was excited when he saw what he thinks is a lesbian couple in the trailer for the new film…

That new #FindingDory[1] trailer released this morning? I think that's the first lesbian couple in a @DisneyPixar[2] film.[3]

— Matthew Gottula (@DLthings) May 24, 2016[4]

Here’s that trailer in question:

Others think that the scene just depicts two woman who happen to be helping out a child in the film and not necessarily a gay couple.

But liberals are in love with the idea that this new Pixar film is going to feature a lesbian couple.

Take the lefties at the site[5], for instance.

You might have noticed that a brand new trailer was released this week, and out of sheer excitement to see the familiar fishy characters again you probably didn’t notice something kind of major – the lesbian couple?

And obviously, lesbian couples are pretty commonplace these days. But not in animated movies! This will be the first of it’s kind for Pixar, if it is true. And boy do we hope it is!

…You go, Pixar!

Nope, nothing is free of indoctrination. Leni Riefenstahl would be so proud of this entertainment as indoctrination.

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