The Night of 1000 Anti-Islam Cartoons

by John Hawkins | January 7, 2015 5:35 pm

After the Charlie Hebdo killings today, tonight will be “The Night of 1000 Anti-Islam Cartoons” on the Right Wing News Facebook[1]. All of the images we run tonight between midnight and 5 AM will be anti-Muhammad and anti-Islam.

“Right Wing News has no problems taking shots at radical Islam, but we don’t normally run anti-Islamic images. Islam may be a false religion and Muhammad may not have been a good guy, but we do believe in showing a modicum of respect to people of different faiths. However tonight, after the Charlie Hebdo killings, we are going to make fun of Islam and Muhammad because we refuse to allow murderous fanatics to determine what we are and are not allowed to say in a free country.” — John Hawkins, Right Wing News


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