Alyssa Milano Calls Harvey National Day of Prayer, ‘National A**hole Day’ – America Responds!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 6, 2017 3:34 pm

I enjoyed Alyssa Milano in Charmed. She was great in the series. What she’s not great at is politics and it seems to be making her very bitter. She has a special hatred for President Trump. Last Sunday, as President Trump declared a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Milano unleashed her vitriol at Trump in a particularly vile tweet. “Remember, Sunday is National Asshole Day (by Presidential Proclamation)!” In one fell swoop, she showed her hatred for Trump, Christians and those harmed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. It was a despicable thing to tweet and possibly one of the meanest on Twitter. She outdid herself.


Milano is a washed up has-been. She’s a D-list actress with serious issues. Making fun of Christians at the President’s expense is unforgivable. And those that were part of Hurricane Harvey lost everything they had… their homes, their cars, their mementos and some of them lost their lives. This just goes to show that Milano is an awful person at heart. She probably thought she was being witty and cute… she came across as bitter and vicious. She’s been in Hollywood too long.

It’s not funny when people are dying or losing their homes in a catastrophic storm. It’s not hilarious when the police and first responders have to go door to door to find the dead as the water recedes. It’s not comical that it will take probably $180 billion to repair the damage and it will go on for years. No one thinks your tweet was cute or funny, Alyssa, but they do see you for who you really are now.[5]

Heroes came to Houston from all over the country bringing their boats and monster trucks to save others. Some flew planes in at their own expense. Police, SWAT, firefighters and volunteers from all over the country have come to help Texans get through this tragedy. President Trump has pledged $1 million of his own money to help those in need. Sandra Bullock also gave $1 million to the victims of Harvey. Those that couldn’t be there or donate huge sums of money are praying for these people. And Alyssa Milano has the nerve to make fun of them.

I don’t see Milano mocking Muslims. She would never dare because her comrades would view her as a racist. She wouldn’t go after Antifa or her fellow travelers either. She’s broke and owes taxes up the wazoo. She stiffed her employees. All of this after making millions and managing to squander it while blaming others. People laid into her on Twitter and I don’t blame them. She should stick to acting… at least she can pretend to be something she’s not – human.[8][12]

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