Ann Coulter Heated After Delta Gave Her Seat To Stranger

Ann Coulter Heated After Delta Gave Her Seat To Stranger

It seems that airlines just can’t catch a break. It all started when United Airlines had a passenger dragged off the plane in an effort to make room for additional flight crew. After that, a slew of complaints about airlines mistreating passengers arose, putting the industry on blast.

While everyone had thought that the furor had died down – perhaps for good – Delta Airlines decided to give away right-wing columnist Ann Coulter’s pre-booked seat. And boy is she not happy about it.

After boarding her flight, the Fox News commentator found that the seat that she had selected and paid for had been given to another passenger.

Two hours later, she followed up on Twitter:

Of all of the times I’ve flown with Delta (and there have been many), I have never had this problem, nor have I heard of anyone else having something like this done to them. I have always been seated in the locations that I chose while booking my tickets and have never been forced to move. In fact, the only time I have ever moved seats was on a small plane to a small airport and the window seat next to me was unoccupied.

For those reasons, I find this extremely strange and am almost forced to wonder if this wasn’t done because of who Coulter is.

But her anger didn’t stop there. Ann is demanding answers.

Of course, not everyone was as sympathetic for Coulter as they were for the other passengers who were relative nobodies, but that’s to be expected when you’re an opinionated woman.

Like Coulter, I would like to know why Delta moved her seat seemingly without prior warning or permission, if for no other reason than to know if it’s something that could happen to me on one of my flights and if it can be avoided.

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