Ashley Judd And Her Feminists Will Be Knocked To Their Knees With This DAMNING Truth!

Ashley Judd And Her Feminists Will Be Knocked To Their Knees With This DAMNING Truth!

Angry, white, rich, famous, privileged actress Ashley Judd took to the streets with her fellow oppressed women to express outrage about… something. I’m still not entirely sure what they were upset about, but I saw a lot of anti-Trump propaganda, so I’m guessing it has something to do with him being fairly and lawfully elected by the citizens of the United States of America.

While they’re sticking feminine hygiene products to walls and comparing Trump to Hitler, there is actual oppression of women happening overseas. (But don’t tell them that, because their world revolves around free abortions and cheap birth control.)


Following Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, an unorganized “Women’s March” took place in Washington D.C. where women raged about their uterus and not having access to instant abortions.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world…

As Ms. Judd talked about her devastating tragedy, thousands of Yazidi children and women were being forced into sexual slavery in Iraq and Syria at the hands of Islamic State (ISIS), and available for purchase at sex-slave markets.

ISIS attacked the Yazidi homeland of Shingal in Iraq on August 3, 2014; more than 9,000 Yazidis were killed, kidnapped, or sexually enslaved. Yazidis are a historically persecuted religious minority in the Middle East.

The Islamic State has institutionalized a culture of rape and sex-slavery. ISIS is waging a literal war against women. It has even published a “price list” of Yazidi and Christian girls — as young as one to nine years of age.

Something tells me these women would love nothing more than to worry about the price of tampons or availability of birth control. Considering liberals are always telling us to worry about the status of Muslims overseas (or is that only when they want to bring them in as refugees?), this is kind of ironic.

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