Boom! Rob Lowe States the Obvious About France’s Borders… Liberals Bring the Hate

Boom! Rob Lowe States the Obvious About France’s Borders… Liberals Bring the Hate

Rob Lowe used to live in France. He loves the country and he tweeted his support after the horrific terrorist attacks last night. However, one of his tweets is getting massive blowback from Leftists. He said, “Oh, NOW France closes its borders. #Hollande” and he’s right on target. For speaking the truth the liberals brought the hate and laid it on him calling him vile names and saying he lost fans. Oh, boo hoo! For saying the obvious and speaking the truth, the Left wants to lynch him. I think Rob Lowe is terrific and unlike his detractors, he has more than two brain cells and a whole lot of common sense. I doubt very much if he gives a crap what they think.

Rob Lowe

From TheBlaze:

As news broke of the Paris terrorist attacks Friday, actor Rob Lowe shared in a series of tweets his support for France and reminisced about the time he lived in the country — but what it was one tweet in particular that seemed to get him in trouble.

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Lowe’s other tweets on the attacks included support for the country and commentating on French President Francois Hollande’s speech.

Rob Lowe2

Rob Lowe3

However, plenty of Twitter users, including other celebrities, took issue with Lowe’s borders comment and let him know.

Rob Lowe4

Rob Lowe5

In case anyone was wondering what ignorance, arrogance and insensitivity looks like.

— aaron. (@AzButterfield) November 14, 2015

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Rob Lowe7

Lowe is referring to France’s welcoming of thousands of Islamic refugees and leaving their borders open when they already had a serious Islamist problem in their midst. And who can blame him for dissing that fop of a leader Hollande? His speech rang hollow as 127 lay dead on the streets of Paris. He could have stopped this simply with security at his borders and stopping the influx of refugees. He also could have vetted the Muslims within France, but he did none of that and now there are scores of dead people lying in pools of blood on the cobblestones of Grand Paris. “This is either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given. #Hollande,” Lowe tweets. People are saying he was insensitive and had no tact, but since when is the truth any of those? Would you rather he gave meaningless platitudes that do nothing for the dead or the living? Even Fox News chastised him… the media just doesn’t get it and are spewing Leftist propaganda again. Lowe is speaking out because he loves France, not because he has no feelings for the French. Give the guy a break and maybe focus on the butchers of ISIS a little more.

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