Gee, Johnny Depp is a well-rounded dirt bag. He got nailed for smuggling in his two teacup Yorkies into the Land Down Under via his private airplane two years ago. Although, I have to say that the Australian authorities were a bit heavy handed here… I can understand their rules because they make it a priority to keep disease and harmful species out of their country. Depp was never charged, but his then wife, Amber Heard, faced ten years in prison for not declaring the dogs and falsifying an immigration form. Both Depp and Heard claimed they thought employees had already arranged for the dogs to arrive in Australia, which sounds plausible. Except in this case, it’s not.

Depp is in a vicious battle with his former managers. He claims TMG defrauded him out of millions of his earnings; TMG claims Depp’s wild spending left him unable to pay debts. I’m betting the truth lies in the middle here and that both are guilty… Depp of wildly overspending and TMG of mishandling funds and over charging. You see it time and again in the entertainment industry. And those former managers are looking to get even, it would seem. In legal documents filed by TMG and obtained by PEOPLE, the former managers allege that the actor was “fully aware that he was illegally bringing his dogs to Australia” when he was in the country filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film in May 2015. That’s called perjury and now Australia is looking into refiling charges.

From BBC News:

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Australia’s deputy prime minister has threatened US actor Johnny Depp with perjury charges in a new installment of the “war on terrier”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star and then-wife Amber Heard failed to declare their dogs to Australian customs after arriving by private jet in 2015.

Ms Heard escaped conviction and the pair released an unusual apology video.

But legal documents filed in a US court allegedly show Mr Depp was “fully aware” he was breaking Australian laws.

His former business managers, The Management Group (TMG), claimed the actor had “pressured one of his long-term employees to ‘take the fall’,” in papers obtained by People.

‘It is called perjury’

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce subsequently hinted that the government may reinvestigate Depp.

“If the allegation is correct, there’s a word for that – it is called perjury,” Mr Joyce told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“We’re an island continent and we take biosecurity very seriously and it doesn’t matter if you think that you’re Mr Who’s Who of Hollywood, you’re going to obey our laws.”

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said the dogs – Pistol and Boo – should “bugger off back to the United States” or risk being put down. Depp fired back referring to Joyce as some kind of “sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia.” Nice. When Depp was publicly confronted about the dogs by Australian authorities, TMG claims he “pressured one of his long-term employees to ‘take the fall.'” That sounds like Johnny Depp. You betcha. The dogs’ presence was discovered by Australian authorities after a groomer posted photos of them on Facebook. I’m sure that groomer no longer has a job after this.

Heard avoided jail time when she pleaded guilty to providing false documentation. The couple also produced an apology video that was played in court and later went viral. “When you disrespect Australian law,” Depp deadpans in the video, “they will tell you firmly.” And of course, there was that underlying current of contempt. Later, he explained the apology video to Jimmy Kimmel, saying, “I think the choice they made to utilize the tax payers’ dollars to globally chase down a couple of teacup Yorkies and give them 50 hours to live … I realized the badness of my ways, so I was repenting.” For once, I don’t take sides with anyone in this story. I hate them all equally.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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