Brilliant Celebrity Drops MAJOR Truth Bomb On Democrat’s Vicious Plan For America

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 11, 2016 11:13 am

Dr. Phil doesn’t hold back here[1] and he spells it out. First he points out how both Sanders and Trump are appealing to those that are angry. Then he goes into the ‘free lunch’ platform of commie Sanders. Dr. Phil was asked why young people find free college so enticing. I’ll tell you why, because they don’t think it all the way through. They don’t consider that nothing is free and to pay for that free college, free healthcare, free everything… Sanders will bestow crushing taxes on us. You will still pay, only a lot more and for a lot longer. What Sanders offers is a pretty dream that in reality is slavery.

Dr. Phil[2]

From the Conservative Tribune:

Renowned psychologist Dr. Phil, known for laying bare the sometimes bitter truth, took some time this Thursday morning to illustrate how one Democrat’s plan to ‘fix America’ by handing out freebies (free college[3], free healthcare, free everything) would lead the nation down a “vicious” path.

“It’s a vicious cycle,” he stated while speaking on Fox News[4] in regard to Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ ridiculous ‘free everything[5]‘ proposals. “Old sayings get to be old sayings because they’re profound: ‘There’s no free lunch.’”

He explained that the people receiving these freebies would be the very same ones responsible for paying it forward for the next generation, and so on.

“They don’t understand this education they’re going to get for free — then they’re going to get a job, and when they get that job, the money they make for the job is going to pay for the next bunch that’s gonna get it free,” he added. Getting freebies also promotes a lazy attitude towards life. You never strive to overcome and make yourself a better person. You wallow in mediocrity and sameness. It’s a long, boring, painful death. This is what the Marxist Democrats are offering us. It’s poisonous. Capitalism works because it brings the best out in all of us. Communism just makes you one of the herd led to slaughter.

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