Bruce Jenner Is Being Sued for the Deadly Crash He Was Part Of in February

by Warner Todd Huston | May 2, 2015 8:30 am

Despite all the hearty congratulations that Bruce Jenner is getting for his coming out as transgender, there is also another Jenner story flying under the radar. The one-time Olympian is now being sued for the deadly car accident he allegedly cause.

Jenner was involved in a car accident in which a 69-year-old woman died. Now he is being sued[1] for the death.

Bruce Jenner was hit with a lawsuit on Friday by the stepchildren of a woman who died in a car wreck Jenner was involved in at the beginning of February. Her stepchildren allege it was a wrongful death, and that they have suffered enormous damages.

Jenner had been driving his black Cadillac Escalade down the Pacific Coast Highway when he rear-ended Kim Howe, a 69-year-old. Authorities say the collision sent Howe into oncoming traffic. She died at the Associated Press reports.

Dana Redmond and William Howe don’t specify how much they are seeking in damages in the lawsuit, and it doesn’t offer any new details about the accident, the Associated Press reports.

The 65-year-old, who confirmed that he is transitioning into a woman, has not been charged in the case. Some said the wreck confirmed speculation that he was becoming a woman when Jenner confirmed he was taking hormones to a healthcare worker, though they were not a contributing factor to the accident

This is far, far more trouble for Jenner than deciding if he wants to be a woman.

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