Celebrities LOSE IT Over Trump’s MSNBC Tweets

by Margaret M. | June 30, 2017 11:17 am


You know what my favorite thing about Twitter is? The meltdowns. The beautiful meltdowns. If you see a stressed out mom with a screaming toddler trying to get her grocery order together, you feel nothing but pity and admiration when she stays calm and ignores the stares. But Twitter has theĀ adult version of meltdowns, this time by multimillionaires with their own TV shows and movies who are still in the fevered nightmare that is the glorious Trump presidency. Here are a few of the highlights from the other day when Trump took a swipe at the lefties on Morning Joe, particularly the unfortunate facelift enjoyed by Mika.

Chrissy’s husband John Legend chimed in, too.

And who could forget that Rosie is still out there, every day, being upset!

And then there’s actor Mark Ruffalo, whose pretentious Twitter bio reads “I’m a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change advocate with an eye on a better, brighter, cleaner, more hopeful future for all of us.”

More Hollywood types piled on, including the “Female Ghostbusters” director Paul Feig.

Meathead makes his feelings known, as well.

Josh Gad, the star of such movies as, uh…

And Chelsea Handler, who runs some kind of left wing Netflix show that describes her life as a totally fabulous unmarried woman.

I’m taking Elizabeth Banks at her word that she’s some kind of movie star.

Jesse Tyler stars in a television show I’ve never watched, but had worse ratings than Last Man Standing, so who cares?

Boy, there are a lot of professional actors out there.

But meltdowns weren’t limited to actors and directors, though both of these entries are still embroiled in the Hollywood scene.

And author of beloved children’s series, Harry Potter, also found time to interfere with American politics in a way that isn’t toxic to open conversation at all!

Yeah… I’ll stick to watching movies from the 1950s.

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