Charlie Daniels EVISCERATES Chuck Schumer After He Bashes Trump

by Margaret M. | December 22, 2017 11:18 am

Country music legend Charlie Daniels has been taking to social media to voice his conservative and pro-American opinions, and for the last few days his biggest target has been Democratic Rep. Chuck Schumer.

Posted on social media earlier this week, Daniels tweeted:

Mr Schumer, in just eight years you guys increased the national debt by almost ten trillion dollars, saddled us with Obamacare, cut our military and knuckled under to any foreign country that frowned at you
And you’ve still got the nerve to criticize?

— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) December 20, 2017[1]


And that’s how you know Charlie Daniels watches Fox News every day, too.

Lately, Chuck Schumer has been leading the charge within the Democratic party of claiming that Trump’s yuge Tax Cut and Reform bill is only going to benefit the extremely rich and that every good thing that will come out of the bill was going to happen anyway.

Democrat Minority leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted, too:

Shamefully, Republicans were cheering against the children as they rob from their future and ransack the middle class to reward the rich #GOPTaxScam[3]

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) December 19, 2017[4]

Daniel’s response to her was that “If Nancy Pelosi was cut out to be the leader of the House Democrats she sure was sewed up wrong.”


Daniels also touched on the Jerusalem debate. Well, it’s only a debate for the left. Led by Trump, the conservatives seem just fine with recognizing Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel. Charlie tweeted:

The United States of America is a free-and sovereign nation and we reserve the right to put our embassies any damn place we want to.
If the UN don’t like it they should just kick us out.

We’d be better off.

Now that’s a good way to hop over the sensitive issue of Israel and go right to the heart of the issue — Americans are free to place the Embassy without regard to the opinion of the United Nations.

If the tax bill works I wonder how Pelosi-Schumer will try to take credit for it.
Maybe they voted against it before they voted for it

— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) December 20, 2017[6]

Charlie Daniels has that peculiar knack of being able to undress a person with the most mild-sounding, polite insults.

When the movie American Sniper cam out a few years ago, Charlie Daniels was one of the responding music stars who defended the story of Chris Kyle. Daniels tweeted at left-wing Michael Moore, a filmmaker who is looking more and more like he’ll be transitioning into a woman every day. Daniels wrote: “These are the guys who defend the right for you to say the stupid things you say, you might say thanks[7]” in response to Moore’s complaints about the glorification of violence. If your takeaway from the Chris Kyle story is that violence is cool, then you must not have watched the end.

And now, with Trump signing the bill just as this article is being published, let’s sit back and let the salty tears from Chuck Schumer continue to roll in.

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