Chicago CUBS Star’s Tweet BREAKS The Internet: ‘Pack Your Bags Hollywood!’

by Cassy Fiano | November 10, 2016 9:49 am

Some athletes and celebrities have been mourning Donald Trump’s decisive win this week. Many of them threatened to leave the country if he was elected, although they’re now reneging on that pledge. But one athlete is taking quite a different approach. Chicago Cubs player Jake Arrieta has never openly said that he’s a Trump supporter. But a new tweet of his certainly alludes to it — and calls out Hollywood, big time[1].


Every election year, celebrities always vow to move to Canada or Europe if the person they like isn’t elected. And every year, they never follow through with it. And so Arrieta decided he’d had enough. It’s time for them to make good on their vow to leave the United States. He even offered to help them pack.

“Time for Hollywood to pony up and head for the border,” he tweeted, along with the hashtags #IllHelpYouPack and #BeatIt.


Some loved the tweet, saying that they loved his sense of humor. Others just agreed with the sentiment — don’t swear you’re going to leave every four years and then never follow through!

Still others thought that if all you can do is complain about the United States, then you really should just leave.


Of course, liberals didn’t take long to get overly offended.

It’s hard to see how the tweet could be offensive to Jews or women, since it singles out neither. It does, however, call out the long list of celebrities who all said they would leave the country if Trump was elected and now have backpedaled furiously:

But it gets even better.

Sabo, a Los Angeles street artist, mocked the celebs with fake billboards erected on benches throughout Beverly Hills, the Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, California. The billboards featured Trump as a realtor, with “moving day” sales for celebrities like Cher and Amy Schumer.



Of course, we’re still waiting for them all to make good on those promises and actually leave.

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