Country Music Legend Issues AWESOME Message To North Carolina; Pledges To Play Shows

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 16, 2016 2:47 pm

Charlie Daniels is his own man[1] and the guy has a spine. When questioned on whether he would play North Carolina because of the bathroom protection laws, he was blunt that he would play in any state in the US he was scheduled in. Looks like The Devil Went Down to Georgia will ring out in North Carolina right on schedule. Daniels doesn’t give a crap about who is cancelling their appearances there and I’m sure he feels that they can stuff their political agenda where the sun don’t shine. It isn’t the first or the last time that Charlie Daniels will take a stand. He’s my kind of entertainer.


From Western Journalism:

Even in embattled North Carolina, music fans can hear The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Country music legend Charlie Daniels let the music world know Friday that despite other artists who are boycotting states that have passed religious liberty and bathroom protections laws, he’s not among them.


A Facebook post by Daniels went even further. It told the story of an objection from a member of the audience that a Confederate flag was on the piano. “I responded that there was not a confederate flag on the piano, that there was an American flag and a Tennessee flag, but no confederate flag,” said Daniels, who noted that although the Tennessee and Confederate flags have different designs, the colors are similar. “The point I’m making is that some people see what they want to see, even if the truth is in the opposite direction and are so bent on pressing their point, that good sense and truth don’t matter to them,” he wrote. And that was to be the end of that stupid argument. Boom! Daniels said he has the same basic question regarding North Carolina’s bathroom law that a majority of Americans have. “I literally don’t understand the situation with the bathrooms in North Carolina. Seems simple to me, if you’re a man — biologically or by surgical alteration — you go to the Men’s room. The same thing goes for a woman. What’s discriminating about that?” he wrote. “How long would it take for some enterprising straight young men to start claiming “transgender” and walk into a bathroom full of young ladies? Would you want your wife or granddaughter to be exposed to that? I wouldn’t,” he added. Exactly!


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