Dog the Bounty Hunter and Wife Shock Fans With MAJOR Announcement – Whoa

by Sierra Marlee | July 20, 2016 2:15 pm

With all of the news surrounding the Chapman family[1], it’s nice to hear something that is relatively positive for once. Beth Chapman has signed up as a housemate on the popular show Celebrity Big Brother.


From Mirror:

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother[3] house when the new series launches[4] next week, according to a report.

However, US reality star Beth Chapman has reportedly signed up for the Channel 5 show without her famous husband, Duane.

Fortunately though, she’ll be surrounded by an array of celebs to keep her entertained, including Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson – who was also reported to appear earlier today.

“Getting Beth for the new series is a real coup for Channel 5,” a source told The Sun. “As reality stars go, she’s one of the world’s most recognisable, and she’s guaranteed to make great telly.

“She catches criminals for a living, she’s not going to tolerate any z-lister hissy fits and egos from her new housemates.”

If you like Big Brother and the Chapman family, you’re going to LOVE this season of Celebrity Big Brother!

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