Dr. Drew has an extremely bizarre reaction to the Facebook live torture video

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 8, 2017 1:33 pm

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.[1] I thought this guy was smarter than this. According to Wikipedia (because I really know nothing about this guy), David Drew Pinsky, best known as Dr. Drew, is an American celebrity doctor who is a board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist and media personality. And he is absolutely full of social progressive crap. When TMZ caught up with him outside a trendy restaurant, Dr. Drew said he instinctively felt sorry for the torturers in Chicago. He said we failed them. Who’s we, doc?

No one failed these monsters. As I understand it, they grew up in good homes, but even if they hadn’t, they know right from wrong. They know what is good and what is evil. They made a choice… a sick one and no one in the end is responsible for what they did to that boy, but themselves. Drew acted like it’s all the parent’s fault for being too aggressive with their kids. No, it’s not… the responsibility lies with each of these thugs. They each should pay for what they did and they don’t deserve a lick of sympathy.


From TMZ:

Dr. Drew[3] admittedly has a strange reaction to the 4 people who tortured and terrorized a mentally disabled man … he feels sorry for them.

We got the Doc leaving Catch Saturday night, and his reaction is way different than just about everyone … he thinks we’ve failed them.

Of course, the good doc also said he felt sorry for the boy who was tortured… but his primary feelings seemed to be with his four antagonists. Dr. Drew is in need of a severe reality check. That’s just messed up in the extreme. All you have to do is watch the video of what they did to the boy and read about it. I won’t put the video up, because it’s sick and twisted.

These beasts beat the ever loving crap out of this boy, simply because he was mentally disabled and white. They punched and kicked him. They partially scalped him. They put out cigarettes on him and forced him to crawl to a toilet and drink out of it. He had to kiss the floor. They stuffed a sock in his mouth and gagged him. Then theses asshats bound him with a belt. He was repeatedly threatened with being murdered and they forced him to say, “F*uck white people!” and “F*ck Donald Trump!”

Why in the bloody hell would you think anyone failed them? They chose to be evil and sick… brutal and fiendish. If their lives are ruined, good. Choices have consequences and they will do this again if allowed to. Save the sympathy for their victim.

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