EMBARRASSING! Miley Cyrus PROUDLY Shows Off Her New Tattoo of Jupiter – Except It’s NOT Jupiter

by Cassy Fiano | April 27, 2016 5:02 pm

Considering the permanency of tattoos, it’s pretty important to make sure you get the right image before getting inked. It’s a lesson that Miley Cyrus just learned the hard way.

miley tattoo[1]

From Young Conservatives:

“Bad mistakes, I’ve made a few” is a phrase that’s about to move from the realm of awesome Queen song lyrics to the life mantra of pop star Miley Cyrus after a recent debacle of epic proportions.

Cyrus got a tattoo of the planet “Jupiter” and posted it on Instagram.

There’s just one problem….

Yeah, uh, excuse me, uh Ms. Cyrus? That’s uh, not Jupiter on your arm. That’s actually Saturn.

The, uh, big ring sort of gives it away.

It really makes you wonder if the tattoo artist was as dumb as she is, or if they knew it was the wrong planet and just went with it anyway. But really, Miley, next time do some homework before permanently branding yourself.

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