EXCLUSIVE: How Tim Allen REALLY Feels About ‘Last Man Standing’ And President Trump [VIDEO]

EXCLUSIVE: How Tim Allen REALLY Feels About ‘Last Man Standing’ And President Trump [VIDEO]

Last Man Standing, what an apt title for this show. Pretty much every show on TV and all the movies coming from Hollywood are garbage. Tim Allen, A-list actor and star of the massively successful show “Last Man Standing,” is still voicing his emotions after his show was cancelled by ABC months ago.

“It tore me up,” he said. “Every aspect of [the show], everything about it, I loved. I was grateful every day.”

Some people, including me, thought that politics played a part in the cancellation of the show. We can’t have conservative, successful, happy people on a show, right? We can’t show an intact family and their struggles and them relying on each other for those struggles because they love each other. That would be crazy. Instead, let’s make a show about an illegal immigrant nanny and the lessons the family and her can learn from each other. I wish that last part was a joke.

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There was even a petition with over 400,000 signatures to get the show back on the air. That’s more people than Anderson Cooper and basically every show at CNN gets in viewers. Yet they are somehow mysteriously still on the air. The only people that watch CNN are poor souls stuck in an airport and the 27 TVs on at every 24-hour gym.

In an interview with the Tribune, Tim Allen was pretty honest about how he felt about the show and about Trump. He said he was shocked that the show was cancelled because the scripts were all ready to go for the next season. He was asked if he thought his political leanings or the political leanings of the show had anything to do with it.

“There’s no way that you’d ever get anybody who made the decision to cop to that. It’s all conjecture. I can tell you that everything about this television show [that], from my point of view, was important to the television network that had it, they dismissed.

“The fan base, they dismissed. The fact that it showed great diversity of thought and entertainment, they dismissed. That didn’t seem to matter …I think they made a terrible mistake with a very creative project. It could have done so many things.”

You said it Tim. My wife and I loved watching that show. It reminded us of a simpler time on TV, when you could voice both sides of the debate and no one cared. He went on to say:

“That’s where we have a missed opportunity with [Trump]. Whatever you think about his hair, his suits, whatever, think of the asset you have in this guy as a builder. You put him on that and you support him, this guy could kick ass and make it happen.

That’s my biggest disappointment, is that people have not realized the potential ally and the potential resource you have in this dude, to put him on a job that he’s very well equipped to do.”

Look at him here on Jimmy Kimmel talking about going to the inauguration. He was fired weeks later. Coincidence?

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