Flashback: Actress Claimed Weinstein Used Oprah To Gain Her Trust To Attack Her

by Margaret M. | January 9, 2018 12:00 pm

A British actress has already been forgotten by the compassionate left-wing media as their witch hunt for mean people went from draining their own corrupt swamp of sex perverts including Harvey Weinstein is now being fashioned into a dull weapon against that big meanie, Donald Trump, who has been causing leftist tears to fall as the Hollywood types are noticing that their previous tax swindles are no longer valid under a Trump government[1], and they’re having to pay more to the feds.


The actress Kadian Noble, below, spoke with media in November to discuss the time that she met Weinstein at an event in London, because Harvey was there with both the model Naomi Campbell and had superstar Oprah Winfrey “swinging off his arm.” But, at her press conference, she said that she was filing a suit against Weinstein in Manhattan’s federal court on the charge of sex trafficking. Noble said that the man “forced himself” on her after she was lured to his hotel in Cannes, France after promising “career advancement.”

Oprah has been seen at events held by Weinstein for years, and the two of them can regularly be seen palling around at industry shindigs held by third parties or at the invitation of Harvey himself. Most notably, Oprah was given a starring role in The Butler which was Weinstein-produced and all about a longtime staffer at the White House. This woman has been a feature in households for decades, even though her dominating afternoon show has been off the air for years. She seeked to build a rapport with women, and her implicit support and silence about Weinstein is loud.


At the Golden Globes Winfrey went on a firey tirade for the rights of women last night, but failed to mention Harvey Weinstein. Her message even resonated with Ivanka:

Just saw @Oprah[4]'s empowering & inspiring speech at last night’s #GoldenGlobes[5]. Let’s all come together, women & men, & say #TIMESUP[6]! #United[7] https://t.co/vpxUBJnCl7[8]

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) January 9, 2018[9]

But it’s a shame that so much of the media have forgotten that Oprah’s support of Weinstein, despite the open secret of his sex pest ways has been quieted down now that they can all buzz about the silly rumor that she’ll be the first lady President.

Last month, Oprah interviewed actress Jennifer Lawrence who was coming off of the brilliant high of blaming Donald Trump[10] for recent hurricane activity. During the interview, the women talked about “women’s stories.” Both of these ladies are clearly in touch with the average woman, both being extremely rich, famous and unmarried (though Oprah has had the same partner since the 1980s). Oprah, the first black American to rich multi-billionaire status, asked Jennifer Lawrence, whose star has fallen since an iCloud hack caused the release of her many graphic personal photos to be released if the young lady had anything to say to Trump should the two meet. “Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for this moment!” said Lawrence. She said that what she would say is “not nice,” which seems to go along with the strange dreams that many on the left have — that some day they will meet the object of their hate and will say something so devastating that they will melt. Lawrence then went on to talk about state-by-state legislation to help stop corruption. A bundle of laws, she said[11]. Under Trump’s Make a Law, Take Away Two Laws landscape, I don’t think that adding bundles of laws on to an already heavy system will be popular.

While Trump didn’t bother to spend time replying (much like with Eminem, it’s better to let the lefties stew and rage about being ignored[12]), but Trump Jr. expressed his doubts at Lawrence who noted that any meeting might end with a martini thrown into his face:

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it would end… https://t.co/tbWEccHlY7[13]

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 7, 2017[14]

Probably because the Secret Service doesn’t take kindly to Jersey Shore-esque drink attacks. Maybe Lawrence spends all day with a martini by her side, but most of us who aren’t Julian from Trailer Park Boys don’t need to spend every moment with alcohol at our sides.

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