Beloved Fox News Personality Quits Suddenly, on Air – Fans Stunned [VIDEO]

Beloved Fox News Personality Quits Suddenly, on Air – Fans Stunned [VIDEO]

For those of you who perhaps don’t remember, Fox News host Julie Roginsky is suing the company after allegedly being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes. She announced Thursday that she is leaving Fox and her web-show, “The Clapback.”

The Democrat Fox News contributor made her announcement on air, leaving fans shocked by her sudden departure.

Her statement was kind and respectful, thanking everyone who watched her show:

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“Today marks my last episode of ‘The Clapback’ and my last week at Fox. Hopefully you’ve learned words can cut really deep but you can also stand up to trolls, teach them something bigger and be the bigger woman.”

“I’ve enjoyed it; I’ve enjoyed you. Thank you so much for watching ‘The Clapback,’ thank you so much for watching me on TV all these years. One of the joys in my life was interacting with you, whether it was agreeing with you, or clapping back at you.”

Watch the video below:

Roginsky filed a lawsuit against Fox News, alleging that then-CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. The claim is that when she turned down his proposition, she was subsequently denied further on-air opportunities with the network.

Allegedly, Ailes expected sexual favors in return for a regular spot on the network’s popular show, “The Five.”

Fox News has been the target of many sexual harassment lawsuits, including former host Bill O’Reilly, who was forced from the network following the allegations.

Roginsky was a delight to watch and I’m going to miss her and her show. Let’s hope she can find some airtime on another network and get her show back in front of her fans. Hopefully this also means that there is an end in sight for this lawsuit, the likes of which takes a toll on everyone involved.

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