Harveywood Backlash BURIES George Clooney’s Newest EXPENSIVE Project – And It’s Hurting Him [VIDEO]

Harveywood Backlash BURIES George Clooney’s Newest EXPENSIVE Project – And It’s Hurting Him [VIDEO]

It would seem that George Clooney’s attempt to be a big Hollywood director may have just went up in flames with his new flick ‘Suburbicon’. It was expected to make a staggering $7 to $8 million at the box office over the weekend. If that prediction wasn’t bad enough, the reality of what it made was a whole lot worse.

The actor had 2,000 screens available to him to show off what he could do and it all amounted to nothing because his film was placed at 9th behind a a whole row of other films. So, how much did he actually make? An impressive $3 million.

Oh, boy.

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The movie ‘Thank You for Your Service’ was another film that came out over the weekend that did less than expected. The film had everything going for it, except the criticism that it had a made-for-TV type feel. The director was even Jason Hall, who was responsible for the amazing military biopic, American Sniper. But that wasn’t enough to get people out to the movies. Maybe Americans are done with Hollywood and their constant moral relativism or their portrayals of the military experience. What ever the reason, the film only did $1 million more than Clooney’s flick, at $4 million.

And there was also some type of Amy Schumer film that dropped out of nowhere and went absolutely nowhere, and I don’t even know the name of it, so let’s just move on to something a little more interesting, huh? Great!

By now you can see that the only film so far to come out of Hollywood that had any sort of weight to it was ‘IT’, which over-performed making upwards of $123 million dollars so far. All the other films of 2017 so far have been a disappointing mess and really haven’t attracted the crowds at the theaters.

So, what is making 2017 the death of the Hollywood? What does Hollywood have working against itself? Is it that Americans are sick of paying for unoriginal garbage? Or is it that Americans are fed up with Hollywood and it’s hypocritical antics? For so long we have been getting lectured by these so-called titans of morality, when in actuality, they are nothing but immoral hypocrites who don’t even have the balls to stand up to a serial harasser because he provides them with their lifestyle.

Could this be the reason? Maybe a ‘Harveywood’ backlash? Could be. But I think it has more to do with Hollywood not producing a film worth anybody’s time or money.

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