Hollywood MELTDOWN After Ossoff LOSS – Celebrities Unable To Process It, Seeking ‘Group Hug’

Hollywood MELTDOWN After Ossoff LOSS – Celebrities Unable To Process It, Seeking ‘Group Hug’

Yes, celebrities are seeking a ‘group hug’ because they are beside themselves in unbelief over their very expensive loss. Which is just fine, but please check your wallet before you walk away from that hug please, Democrats have been known to have sticky fingers. They love spending other people’s money.

To be honest, it was a little tough to be a Republican in California yesterday…(SHOCKER). Liberal heads were exploding over the news and I was just trying to get through my day alive in a nasty heat wave coming through town. Their whining nearly made that goal impossible. However…seeing them laugh cry themselves into a frenzy of disbelief and their ever famous ‘the sky is falling’ breakdowns, did have its benefits.

Poor Dems, they just weren’t ready for this.

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Especially the celebrity Dems that live where the beautiful people roam down in Southern Cali. They REALLY got their panties twisted over this.

Milano, who personally drove voters to the polls in April’s preliminary election and was actively campaigning for the Democrat for most of Election Day, tweeted simply: “Grouphug” and “Get in.”

Meanwhile, electronic music producer Moby and vocal Trump critic O’Donnell, appeared to be frustrated by the results, with Moby questioning how Democrats “still can’t win” even with “buffoon” Donald Trump in the White House. O’Donnell tweeted: “DONALD TRUMP IS THE DARKNESS ITSELF.”

As Breitbart News previously reported, Ossoff’s loss marked a stunning rejection of Hollywood by Georgia voters. Several celebrities, including Milano, Samuel L. Jackson and John Leguizamo, donated time and money to the Democrat’s campaign in what became an expensive and closely-watched race and a de facto referendum on President Trump’s tenure in office thus far.

This one was deleted shortly after being posted:

She’s a ridiculous obscenity of a candidate. Great work Georgia. Now complain that you’ve elected an unqualified cracker.

— Willie Garson (@WillieGarson) June 21, 2017


It’s not even Commiefornia’s election, but these Cali celebrities and rich folk sure did pour their money into it…and now with all these Cali liberal heads exploding, it’s like the 4th of July came early this year.

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