Hollywood Triggered After Bannon Calls Actors ‘Dumb As Ticks’

by Sonja Bochow | October 1, 2017 2:29 am


Actress Evan Rachel Wood is triggered. And she is not happy about it. Breitbart’s Steve Bannon made some comments about what he sees as the vapid ignorance of Hollywood celebrities and Ms. Wood took to Twitter to express her displeasure and disagreement. It took her 6 tweets to say it all, and so, Ms. Wood, may we suggest a different social media platform that allows more characters? So, what has she all worked up about?

Bannon said, “Andrew [Breitbart] always said, ‘Culture is up-river from politics. Right now as you know, news is kind of everything, even Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. To drive viewership, the way that Kimmel and Colbert are competing in late-night right now is to make it very political, very anti-Trump. So what we’re doing is exposing them. That’s one of the reasons Big Hollywood is on fire, because all we do is expose the hypocrisy of these morons in the entertainment industry.”


He continued, saying, “By the way, you gotta understand something. These actors and actresses; they’re all dumb as ticks. And they’re lazy. They’re like pieces of furniture… That’s why movie attendance is down, people are tired of it. It’s why they’re not watching the National Football League, cutting the cord on ESPN. They’ve politicized everything. And you guys are voting with your feet, which I think is fantastic.”

Evan Wood’s response?

“Some people are ‘celebrities’ and some are ‘artists’ They worked their way up from nothing and now they have a backstage pass. With no motives. Not trying to get votes or money. Simply sharing their experience of both sides of the coin. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by speaking their truth. Do they speak for everyone? No. But they work hard, raise families, pay taxes. They are citizens and human beings. If money means you cant have an opinion, then everyone in power step down. Don’t listen to doctors, or lawyers, or universities.”

Where to begin with what Evan Rachel Wood said…first of all, no one disputes that celebrities are free to share their political opinions as are all Americans. But celebrities have very prominent platforms, so when they spout off in uninformed ways, it goes viral. They have a professional responsibility as public figures to research and know of what they speak. But rarely do they know the facts. Second of all, Ms. Wood, you mentioned that they are “speaking their truth.” There aren’t multiple conflicting truths. There is truth. And everything else is not truth. As they say, you are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own truth. Third, too many celebrities have a vitriolic irrational hatred of our President that they never would have tolerated being directed at the previous occupant of the White House. Their hatred of Trump is intertwined through all they do. And quite frankly, Americans are sick of being lectured by Hollywood elites about things those elites know nothing about. You have one job; entertain us. You do that job and let us worry about our political opinions.

Wood concluded her Twitter rant with, “We tell stories about people. We study people, emotions, heroes, villains. Empathy is our job. We speak up because we can and it would feel selfish not to.”

Right, exactly, you TELL STORIES, but you don’t seem too well versed in the REAL WORLD. The heroes and villains you study are mostly fictional. And fiction cannot inform reality. So here’s a thought; if you don’t want to be called a tick or a moron by Steve Bannon, stop pretending you can form legitimate informed political opinions based on fiction and fantasy. Get out of your carefully constructed special celebrity world where you think Leftist ideology works because you never have to actually experience it. Step down off your thrones and understand what everyday Americans are handling. Then maybe you will have a valid point or two. But until then? Bannon’s right, most of you are blood sucking ticks on America.

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