Jenna Jameson Speaks Her Mind, Proggies Attack

by Matt Vespa | August 5, 2012 12:43 pm


Jenna Jamesone, former adult entertainer and successful businesswoman, tweeted that Bush didn’t destroy her industry, which prompted : vicious proggie attacks. : Shaneth Varosa[2], in a particularly vile tweet, mocked Jameson and “her : ridiculously loose c**t thinking it’s opinions are worth something. F**king kill yourself.” Stay classy Shaneth. : In fact, this just proves, as Breitbart did consistently, the false narrative of the left’s innate tolerance[3].

Furthermore, given that Shaneth has over 17,000 tweets and less than 400 followers, it appears no one cares much for his opinion either.



I wonder why? : I’m just guessing when you use sexist/misogynist terms against people you disagree with, folks don’t listen. : Can you blame them?

All of this was well documented by: Twitchy[5]



However, some weren’t so open-minded.



We may not all agree with Ms. Jameson’s former career, but she has built a successful business (she’s in the 1% folks). : She is the example of what free markets and capitalism can yield with hard work. : Yes, capitalism is an amoral economic philosophy. : If you cannot : accept that, you’re not a pure capitalist. : She knew her market and she deserves the right to speak her mind on the issues. She’s mainstream folks! : Furthermore, she’s right!

(H/T Twitchy[8])

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