Liberal Snowflakes Freak Out When They See Photo Of Tiffany Trump And Marla Maples

Liberal Snowflakes Freak Out When They See Photo Of Tiffany Trump And Marla Maples

Liberals have themselves all in a twist again over the Trump clan. Geez… you people need a hobby. Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffiny Trump, and his ex-wife, Marla Maples, decided to take a trip together in Italy on a yacht. They are wealthy and I see nothing wrong with that. This was back on July 15th. What torqued the left was that Secret Service agents accompanied them on the trip. Why wouldn’t they? That’s their job right now… to protect the First Family.

Yes, they could hire private security, but they are assigned, as I understand it, a permanent detail while Trump is President. They didn’t scream like this when the Obama’s took separate vacations and jetted all over the world with the Secret Service. What hypocrites. They are not fleecing the American taxpayers. Again, the Obama’s did what you are accusing the Trumps over. Shameful. You people are math challenged.

From Opposing Views:

First daughter Tiffany Trump, and President Donald Trump’s ex-wife, Marla Maples, were spotted aboard a luxury yacht in Italy on July 15.

Maples and Tiffany were vacationing on the 130-foot charter yacht Mirage IV with friends, a crew of eight and Secret Service agents, the Daily Mail reports.

The president’s youngest daughter wore a white bikini top and green bottoms, while Maples wore a lilac bikini and sleeveless jacket.

Both lounged and sipped drinks in the sunshine, although Tiffany was spotted briefly taking a dip in the sea.

Their vacation and photos captured the attention of social media users, who were quick to voice their opinions.

Some were upset the two had taken Secret Service guards along.

“They have the option not to use the secret service and hire private security,” wrote one Daily Mail reader. “Of course they choose the fleece American taxpayers. Even worse, his ex wife gets secret service coverage as well during this little jaunt. If the dumb b’s would stay off social media nobody would know where they are and I highly doubt that anyone cares either. Pathetic.”

“The con man-in-chief is costing taxpayers more than any previous president, between protecting his very large family and his weekend trips to FL and NJ,” added another. “In travel expenses alone he spent in his first three months more than Obama did in one year.” I highly doubt that claim is true. The Trumps have not been taking vacations. When they went abroad it was to meet with leaders of countries. Obama took so many million dollar vacations, I lost count.

Some of these trollish cretins stooped really low, accusing Tiffiny of vacationing while her father killed ‘innocent’ people in Syria. You mean all those ‘innocent’ ISIS Jihadists? You are a delusional moron. I think what it boils down to is jealousy over the wealthy lifestyle of two beautiful women. They’ve done nothing wrong and should be allowed to enjoy themselves. Get over it already.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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