Man Hits Ann Coulter With Claim So Ridiculous THIS Liberal Comes To Her Defense [VIDEO]

Man Hits Ann Coulter With Claim So Ridiculous THIS Liberal Comes To Her Defense [VIDEO]

This is a good segment. I’m really no fan of Ann Coulter’s, but she was right… Donald Trump became the nominee. She went on Bill Maher’s show basically to gloat. His two other guests made the ridiculous claims that our economy is worse than Mexico’s and that over 1 million immigrants have gone back to Mexico. Both are astoundingly untrue. Maher asked the one guy if Mexico’s economy was so much better than ours, why doesn’t he move there? Touche. The lame answer… he doesn’t speak the language. As for Mexicans deporting themselves, that’s laughable. Why should they with all the free incentives they get here? Maher came to Coulter’s defense on all this and why shouldn’t he? They are best friends.

Ann Coulter

From TheBlaze:

HBO host Bill Maher was forced to come to Ann Coulter’s defense on Friday night after a guest claimed there is a “timeout” on illegal immigration because the U.S. economy “sucks worse than Mexico.”

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Maher began the segment by playing June 2015 footage of Coulter predicting that Trump had the best chance to win in a general election. Coulter then took something of a victory lap.

“We have been asking for the wall, we have been asking for a decrease in immigration, and time after time the people rise up, shut down amnesty…and they can’t learn,” Coulter said of the Washington establishment. “I think we know now that the wall is popular.”

When Coulter was asked if Trump could beat Hillary, she faltered. She thinks he ‘could’. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of that sentiment. Trump is not a conservative and says he doesn’t need conservatives to win. He’s going for the moderate, Liberal and commie vote… plus his die hard Republican acolytes. Yesterday, when asked about the wall and stopping illegal immigrants, he wavered once again and said we would have to see. That it will have to be negotiated. Trump will not keep his promises and I contend he will be as bad or worse than Clinton, and that’s saying something. We had our shot at a constitutional conservative and America blew it. Now they will go with Hillary in drag… a populist who will finish off our nation. Enjoy the ride.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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