Mike Rowe ‘TERRIFIED’ Over United Airlines Mishap, But For Reasons NO ONE Thought Of!

Mike Rowe ‘TERRIFIED’ Over United Airlines Mishap, But For Reasons NO ONE Thought Of!

Mike Rowe is the man. Can I just say that up front? He’s the host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and was also the host of the much loved and missed show, “Dirty Jobs.”

Rowe is a thinking man and he addressed the United Airlines fiasco by using his Facebook page. A reader of his asked, “Were you as disturbed as I was? How can a company treat their customers like that and remain in business? I know you fly all the time — what would [you] do if you were the CEO?”

So. Rowe obliged him with an answer.

Rowe recognized that the sight of a passenger of the airline being dragged down the aisle by police security is not the best look and he at fist thought of “the obvious ease with which it could have been avoided. A little common-sense and the freedom to apply it could have resolved this situation in a dozen different ways.”

But it was the answer given by United CEO Oscar Munoz on Sunday telling ABC News that the crazy screaming passenger David Dao, who was taken off the plane and ran back onto the plane, “did nothing wrong.” Rowe made it clear that he is “no longer disturbed…I’m merely terrified.”

So, why do you think that?

Rowe explained that Munoz essentially “suggested that millions of passengers are under no obligation to follow a direct command from United employees. And that’s a hell of a lot more disturbing than a beat-down in the main cabin.”

Rowe made it clear that what he cared about were the rules and the ‘rule of law’ so-to-speak. Passengers who scream bloody murder when refusing to comply with regulation orders by police, are not in a sane state of mind to fly. It puts everyone on that flying tube in danger.

Rowe continued:

“And I have no interest in flying with anyone who doesn’t follow orders, Do you? Does anyone?”

In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches “How to deal with the police,” and I’m sure this chapter would have served Dr. Dao well. Learning how to properly communicate with law enforcement is vital to you getting out of a sticky situation…Because let me tell you this – if you fight, you lose. Every time.

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