Miranda Lambert Shocks Fans With HUGE Announcement… Wow

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 17, 2015 10:13 am

Miranda Lambert and Shelton Blake are no longer an item.[1] They were together almost ten years, I guess. Blake is now enamored with Gwen Stefani and Miranda finds herself alone and missing the man she loved. Her friends helped her celebrate her 32nd birthday, but I imagine she is dreading the holidays this year. Evidently Miranda has decided to go on a wild girls trip to lift her spirits. She will be traveling with her gal pals. Rumors are beginning to swirl about Miranda and Sam Hunt. We’ll see. It may be too soon for her to go down that path, but she’s beautiful and alone… so, sooner rather than later she’ll be back in the mix. Blake may find himself a bit jealous at that point. Oh well.

Miranda Lambert[2]

From Hollywood Life:

Miranda Lambert’s friends have rallied around her since the news broke that her ex husband Blake Shelton is dating his ‘The Voice’ co-star Gwen Stefani. They helped her celebrate her 32nd birthday on Nov. 9 — a day early — and they’ll be with her at Christmas too. So sweet!

Miranda Lambert[3], 32, has been single since her divorce[4] in July, but that doesn’t mean she’s totally over her ex Blake Shelton[5], 39. Now that he and his The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani[6], 46, are an item Miranda is facing her favorite season [7]with a heavy heart. But a source tellsHollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that she plans to shake of her Christmas blues with a wild girls trip. Here’s what we know.

It’s never easy to get over a longtime love and special occasions are always extra hard when a broken heart is in the mix. Since Christmas was Blake and Miranda’s favorite time of year[8], the upcoming holiday season is bound to be a challenge for the CMA female vocalist of the year.[9] But Miranda has a plan to make sure she doesn’t turn into a Christmas grinch! A source tellsHollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, “She’s talking about doing something totally different and going on a trip with her girlfriends just to change it up, she just wants to do whatever she can to avoid missing Blake.”

We think Miranda has the right idea, sometimes getting out of town is the best medicine. Of course a hot new romance would be another way to take her mind off her broken heart. Although she’s isn’t following Blake’s lead and rushing into another romance,[10] a friend of Miranda’s confirmed that she “wouldn’t rule it out.” So, does that mean she’ll listen to what her friends said[11] and get together with  Sam Hunt[12]? We sure would!

Even if Miranda isn’t ready to rush into anything,[13]she’ll have lots of time to get to know the super sexy country star. Sam and Miranda kick off their European tour in March 2016[14] so they’ll be spending every day — and night together. But before her tour gets going she’s got time to enjoy the single life — and her wild girls only Christmas trip. Giddy up.

There may be a match in the making as Sam Hunt and Miranda Lambert kick off their European tour in March of 2016. It should be an incredible one, as well as memorable. I hope Miranda has a fantastic Christmas with her friends. Fun and laughter can help heal a wounded, broken heart. No doubt, they’ll tear up the town wherever they land and good for them. It will also be an adventure for her as well as cathartic. Here’s to a glitzy Christmas and a very happy new year that is full of new love and memories for her!

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