Montel Williams Screams on CNN That Republicans are Murdering Their Own Families [VIDEO]

Montel Williams Screams on CNN That Republicans are Murdering Their Own Families [VIDEO]

Montel Williams has a history of being a little bit hysterical and a lot crazy, so when he comes out and makes these insane pronouncements, it’s really not surprising.

That being said, I’m sure there are many, many Republicans who would object to being told that they are killing their own family members.

In a disturbing interview on CNN, Williams became absolutely unhinged:

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“Their cousins, aunts and nieces, who they ALL know they have just sentenced to DEATH!”

Brooke Baldwin piles on his statement by saying “It’s also the numbers, but it’s also the faces.” Could they be any more desperate for an argument against Trumpcare?

Watch the video below:

So, let me get this straight: liberals call Republicans “hateful,” yet make comments like this on national television? Can you say hypocrites?

Listen, we don’t want anyone to die. We don’t want anyone to be denied healthcare. We don’t want people to suffer. We also don’t want to be forced to pay for the healthcare of people who are doing absolutely nothing to earn it. I get that it’s expensive, because I myself can’t afford insurance. The difference between me and liberals is our view of the solutions. Liberals think we need more government regulation of the healthcare industry, while I think de-regulation would help drive up competition in the insurance industry and drive down prices, making insurance and healthcare in general cheaper for the consumers.

We’ve seen how government-controlled healthcare works in countries like Europe and Canada, and even in our own country with the VA – simply put, it doesn’t. People die waiting for care that they could have received immediately under normal circumstances. We need to get government out of the way and make it easier and cheaper for Americans to receive the treatment they need. Forcing me to pay for it isn’t going to do it.

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