Ouch! Donald Rumsfeld Reveals Joy Behar’s IDIOCY In Hilarious VIDEO!

Ouch! Donald Rumsfeld Reveals Joy Behar’s IDIOCY In Hilarious VIDEO!

Donald Rumsfeld has been in different positions for multiple presidential administrations. He was with the Nixon administration as his counselor, Gerald Ford’s chief of staff and also served in the capacity of defense secretary under Ford, as well as George W. Bush.

He’s been around for a while folks.

The man has been around the political scene his entire life and so when he ventured on the set of “The View,” he used some pretty basic knowledge to make co-host Joy Behar look like an absolute clown…which she does all too well by herself.

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During a conversation about the 2016 election, Rumsfeld stated that President Donald Trump was able to triumph in the election because of a “good group” of Republican candidates, which included staunch conservative leaders like Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

At this point, Rumsfeld turned toward Trump’s general election win over the crooked Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“And then he ran against the Democrat, a seasoned individual, well-known Hillary Clinton — and he won,” Rumsfeld said matter-of-factly.

But did you think Behar’s inherent liberal snark would let Rumsfeld off with that claim? Not at all. She shot back with what liberals normally shoot with when it comes to votes – popular vote. The one that socialists love. The one that doesn’t get you elected.

“Well, [Trump] lost by more than three million votes in the popular vote,” Behar interjected, noting that Trump only won the electoral vote.

“What counts?” Rumsfeld shot back.

“Well the electoral vote counts—” Behar replied.

“I thought so!” Rumsfeld said. “I thought so.”

Behar and her co-hosts then decided to try a different avenue of conversation and turned to a topic that liberals have trounced since Trump whooped Clinton in last year’s presidential contest: The as of yet, UNPROVEN accusations that Trump’s campaign conspired with Russian operatives to get him a win.

Visual evidence of the slaughter below:

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