‘My Patience…Is OVER’, Hannity FIGHTS BACK Against Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

‘My Patience…Is OVER’, Hannity FIGHTS BACK Against Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Fox News conservative leader and syndicated radio host Sean Hannity has had enough of this inquisition attack on conservatives by the left and is punching back. He has come out and strongly denied a recent sexual harassment allegation made by attorney/blogger Debbie Schlussel, a former contributor to his show.

Schlussel accused Hannity on Friday while she was in an interview with Pat Campbell, a radio host stationed in Oklahoma.

Campbell went on to ask Schlussel if she had any experience or witnessed any improper behavior while serving time at Fox News. She responded, “Only by Sean Hannity, not by Bill O’Reilly.”

Campbell must have been taken aback by the answer and pushed Schlussel to explain. The lawyer carried on with a diatribe nearly eight-minutes long with many complaints against Hannity, Fox News executive Bill Shine, Hannity’s replacement hosts and a bunch of other employees of Fox who Schlussel called “fixers for Roger Ailes.”

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Schlussel’s main charge against Hannity was her claim that he invited her to come to his hotel room twice at an event in Detroit. Schlussel also claims that it was her refusal to accept the invitation that got her booted from coming on his show anymore as a contributor.

Sean Hannity has issued the following statement:

“LET ME BE CLEAR – THE COMMENTS ABOUT ME ON A RADIO SHOW THIS WEEK by this individual are 100% false and a complete fabrication.

This individual is a serial harasser who has been lying about me for well over a decade. The individual has a history of making provably false statements against me in an effort to slander, smear and besmirch my reputation.

The individual has not just slandered me over the years but many people who this individual disagrees with.

In this fiercely divided & vindictive political climate, I will no longer allow slander and lies about me to go unchallenged, as I see a coordinated effort afoot to now silence those with conservative views. I will fight every single lie about me by all legal means available to me as an American.”

In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in chapter 16, “Be nice until it’s time to not be nice.” Hannity is doing just that. I don’t claim to know the truth and I’m not even a huge fan of Hannity, but this is way too convenient…First Bill, now Sean? If these allegations turn out to be false, I hope he makes an example out of this person for others to witness.

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