President Trump Signals Support For Singer Joy Villa Running For Congress [VIDEO]

by Russell | October 28, 2017 12:09 pm

To all you lefty gender studies professors out there, this is what actual bravery looks like. In today’s America, it is not brave to parrot every single talking point from every mainstream media outlet, the syllabus from your sociology class, or anything from a Hollywood celebrity. Going against all of those things will cause a massive backlash and all the soulless harpies will come out to “join in solidarity,” or some such bullcrap, to stand up against the evil white patriarchy, or something.

Joy Villa, notoriously known[1] for wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammys, has expressed interest in running for political office. The response she got from the President was priceless!


“It’s time we have strong women who step up, run, win, and support the President,” she said, signaling interest in running for Congress. Good luck to her.

The President tweeted out support for her shortly after hearing about it.

Wait, hold on. I thought the President was hostile towards black women? I mean, Maxine Waters told me as much at her friend’s funeral[7].

This is why I don’t care about skin color, your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, how many arms or legs you have, what your degrees are in, etc. I just don’t care. All I care about is what you have to say, how you say them and how you act on what you say. I don’t care about skin color, but I have been made to care by these politicians, professors and media types. So, because Joy Villa is a black woman, it’s impossible for Donald Trump to care about her? Do you see how retarded you look when you make these kinds of arguments. We, the people, are tired of race baiting idiots ruining the cohesion we have in society. We’ve moved past it, it’s time you did too.

Ms. Villa tweeted out her excitement to get the support of the President.

This goes against the narrative of the all of those who would have us be divided. I don’t want to be divided, I want to be a strong, intellectually diverse, united front against the government. They are the enemy, the problem always masquerading as the solution.

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