Queen Of Pop, Madonna MOCKED For Her TOPLESS Fourth Of July Post [PICTURE]

by McIntosh | July 6, 2017 12:46 am

Pop icon Madonna noted the Fourth of July with a picture no one asked for in which she posed topless with an American flag wrapped around her waist — a move that should be illegal. There were the regular sheeple that loved the attention hog antics[1], but not all of her fans appreciated the holiday greeting.


The 58 year-old has-been found herself ridiculed by some social media users after she posted the picture to her Twitter account Tuesday afternoon.

The singer wrote with the posted photograph “AMERICA!!!” and “HAPPY 4th,” along with many American flag and heart emojis.

It wasn’t directly clear when the photograph was taken, but at least one Twitter user noted it might have been taken during filming of the singer’s 1990 get-out-the-vote ad for Rock the Vote.

While there were a few of Madonna’s fans who verbalized their exuberance over the photo, others offered up disapproval; one user told her to “put some clothes on,” while another simply commented: “Gross.”

The post did draw praise from some of the singer’s more loyal disciples, some of whom were delusional enough to reference her as “queen” and “the real president of the United States.”

Madonna has a long history of trying to come off edgy and in your face with racy photographs of herself, yet more often than not, it just comes off trashy, often for different reasons.

Not long before November’s presidential election, the singer posted up a naked photograph of herself in support of former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, whom she supported and enthusiastically backed up during the 2016 campaign.

After Trump’s domination over Hillary and just before his inauguration in January, Madonna posted a photograph of a Nike “swoosh” symbol shaved into the pubic hair of some woman to promote, in her sick and twisted way, the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington.

When will this beastly woman just go away?

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